Rare peace

Last night in a moment of peaceful contemplation I looked around the living room. Him Behind the Wheel was busy trying to finish a novel borrowed from Son #2 and I was kind of smothered in young dogs. The two older dogs were lying at my feet. It kind of felt like being Pack Mother. Not so very different from the years in the Outer Hebrides bringing up four sons, and looking after two dogs, two cats, four lambs and a dozen hens.

The family come home today so they will be back in charge. The last few days have included: one shredded sock; one near-disaster forestalled as I found the Jack Russell with her head in the laundry bag; a trip out to Fraserburgh for supplies and a coffee (with no dogs); several playtimes with a ball on the end of a rope (is it my imagination or are the dogs all getting thinner?)  All in all a happy time with lovely weather. Yes, like a holiday. And all the while I am hoping that electricians and joiners and plumbers are hard at work on the Dalamory house extension. Well I can hope can’t I?

Off now to take some photos of the principals in this week’s drama.
Hope your weekend is turning out well.

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2 Responses to Rare peace

  1. Lucy James (nee Thompson) says:

    Know what you mean about pack mother – but in my case it’s 6 month old kittens (2 – brother and sister / Tatty and Neeps – names lost on my German friends!!). Whenever I find the time to relax on the sofa of an evening I am immediately pounced in by two purring heaving lumps of fur. Not content with a lap they insist on sitting fair and square on my chest – great insulation, but a dead weight once they fall asleep!!

  2. freda says:

    Love the sound of these two feline friends. Keep napping when you can, Lucy.

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