Back to nature

This whole week is about being back to nature and to an appreciation of the rhythm of the seasons and the daily needs of animals. In this northern clime we are treated to daily flights of hundreds of geese going back and forth from feeding grounds to roosting areas.

A real sound of autumn. And an awareness of the breadth and beauty of creation.

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2 Responses to Back to nature

  1. Lucy James (nee Thompson) says:

    Hi Freda!!!!!!

    Don’t know why, but I suddenly started thinking about you last night. I was at St. A’s with you, shared a room with Catherine Edmonds, was in a (at the time) steady relationship with Justin Spencer… Would love to hear how you are, renew our acquaintance.

    Hope you are well and happy.

    With love


  2. freda says:

    Lovely to hear from you, Lucy. I shall be back home early next week and will email you direct then.

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