What is work?

Another of those mornings when I wonder What is work? when one is retired. However, to be honest most of this morning’s telephone calls does qualify as work. It reminded me of how much there was to be done behind the scenes. Things that the parish never really saw. It takes an age to open and deal with mail, email and to return telephone calls. I was out yesterday afternoon and when I came home there was a pile of messages. Him Behind the Wheel had even taken to writing them in the old-style message book from my last parish. And all because I am doing a small job for Presbytery. (Our admin body locally in the Church of Scotland)

How does it all make me feel? Well……it is gratifying to discover I can still be an organiser, but it is salutory to discover that I shall be relieved when lunchtime arrives. Mind you, wasn’t it always like that?

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3 Responses to What is work?

  1. Ruth says:

    You are so right about the time it takes to deal with mail etc. I’m back from holiday for over a week and there is still a pile on the desk.

  2. chris says:

    After two years of retirement I feel I’m working harder than ever (and the church can take a big chunk of responsibility for that!). However, I really enjoy the lack of bells to tell me when to do things, and the ability to decide to postpone work if the sun is shining. At least there aren’t 30 kids waiting somewhere to be amused …

  3. Freda says:

    Which reminds me…… the sun is shining….. I am off out!

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