Ethical Questions

Here is a really tricky one, and I should know as part of my degree was in Christian Ethics!

I have been attending a slimming club since early February, which takes place in a village sixteen miles away. During that time I have often thought how like church it is, especially church in the rural areas. There is the same sense of camaraderie and shared purpose the same problem over small numbers, and the same evangelical stance by the leader as she encourages the members to stick to their goals. (The added bonus is that I have lost a stone and a half!)  The ethics comes due to the fact that a rival slimming club has started up a group that meets in my very own village. It has a stricter ethos (read diet for that) – so is slightly less attractive to me as I love eating a lot of food! On the other hand I would meet members of my immediate community.

Both clubs, despite being for-profit organisations, require support. Which should I go to? I already know the answer and in typical me-fashion it is a kind of fudge or compromise………..  Expect a full report in a couple of weeks.

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2 Responses to Ethical Questions

  1. chris says:

    If you went to the local one, would it not be better for the planet? Does that shift the ethical balance at all?

  2. Freda says:

    Thanks Chris, I must admit that is an angle I had not thought of. And of course it swings the balance. As for today – well I am struggling with a whole new healthy eating system of counting units!

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