Rubbish rant

This is me with a rant in mind. A visit to one of our favourite forest walks was rather spoilt yesterday by extreme littering. Persons unknown, but who obviously had no thought for the environment or others, had despoiled the parking spot with empty bottles, cans, barbecue litter, bedding (?) and various other unmentionables. Knowing that the only way to combat it is to go back equipped with rubber gloves and several large black sacks, does not help somehow. Maybe having a sound off here will help.

Argyll is so beautiful and seeing such detritus highlights something of the contrasts of light and dark in the world in general.

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2 Responses to Rubbish rant

  1. Ruth says:

    It’s not just the countryside either. Last week we drove back from Oxford and I couldn’t believe the amount of litter in the lay-bys. It was as if every family had pulled in, had their picnic (and who would do that on a motorway anyway?) and tossed all the litter out the window. Grr.

  2. Freda says:

    A new way of landfilling I suppose. Grrrr as well!

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