Have just spent a couple of days visiting Son #2 and his family. Misty wasn’t sure if she enjoyed being one of the pack – (there are three other dogs) – though following the horses and the tractor around induced quite a swagger in her. Rather amusing in a such a little dog. However, she came to grief jumping down from the bonnet of the said tractor and tore a dew claw. This necessitated a hurried trip to the vet to have the claw cut off. Much squealing ensued, so I am told (Him Behind the Wheel had done vet duty.) Anyway, now that we are safely home, she is sleeping off all the excitement.

Not only did we have all the animals to play with……..we also had a go at tennis and ten-pin bowling on the Wii. What a wonderful way to get a little bit of gentle exercise. Something else to go on the Christmas wish list!  

Oh yes – and it was lovely to see grandchildren #1 and #2!

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