Side effect

A happy side effect (is that a tautology?) of being hors de combat this week is that it is giving me the opportunity to catch up on some Harry Potter reading. I generally read a lot anyway, but it is eclectic and compelling; in other words there is a small trunk containing a collected treasure of unread novels, biographies and journals. The Harry Potter novels are in a class of their own. I always have the intention to finish the series, but the thickness of the volumes (they are a bit heavy to hold – how do children manage?) has tended to put me off. Also I have never made time.

This week I have happily finished vol 4 and have now started vol 5, with 6 and 7 stacked up ready. My guess is that by the time I am finished I will be rattling around in a wizardly world and the bruises and extra aches and pains will have disapparated. That is the hope anyway.

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2 Responses to Side effect

  1. Joan says:

    You must have come a real clatter, not enough water in it!

  2. Freda says:

    Not enough gin either!

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