Confession Time

It has taken me nearly two months, but I have managed to lose just over half a stone. Mainly thanks to the encouragement of a slimming club. Everybody says that slow weight loss is good for you, but I would love to be able to run and jump and exercise the way I used to. However, the battle with fibromyalgia and getting older has to be faced and dealt with. So the thing to do is to celebrate the 8lbs and keep going. It is being helped this week as I try to engage in some retail therapy in the big city…… and having to climb up into the gods at the theatre tonight will also help. I shall let you know if I get down again

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  1. Hey – well done, Freda – wish I had your will-power!

  2. Freda says:

    Thanks David, it is the necessity that comes from being 63 and realising that unless steps are taken…… things will go all downhill, gravity helping all the while!

  3. Maggie Rose says:

    congratulations! I so need to do the same thing; and thus far it’s not happening. *sigh*

    with regards to the fibromyalgia, have you considered using relaxation cds with alpha, theta, and delta waves incorporated into them. I am currently using such a one and either it is my imagination or it won’t last, but for now it truly seems to be making a difference for me. just a suggestion.


  4. Freda says:

    Thanks for the tip, I see there are some advertised on ebay. Any particular cd you would recommend?

  5. Maggie Rose says:

    hallo again Freda. recommendations? hmm. that’s always a tricky thing to do. but here is a link to the one cd that I am currently using. and for me, it is amazing in the difference it makes. it cautions to use stereo head phones for full effect. and I have the “jet lag” cd; made that choice based on the info of the wave types; use it at night at bed time

    Brain Sync link

    hope the link comes through okay.

    Maggie Rose

  6. Maggie Rose says:

    Freda, if you would like a copy of the brain sync cds that I have and if you have a post office box where I can safely send you burned copies, email me and I’ll be glad to send them on to you.

    this is my public email address, so no problem for me to leave it here with you.


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