Yesterday’s visit to the Medical Consultant was a great success. My blood pressure is now normal, on less than half the tablets I was previously taking. His diagnosis of over-medication has obviously been correct. I postulated that it was surprising I had not realised that 2 years after retiring from a stressful job, I would be bound to be less inclined to high BP. However, I expressed the wish to be feeling fitter than I often do. After deciding between us that I am all the better for no longer falling down all over the place, he cut to the nitty gritty. There was a slight pause, whilst he weighed up the consequences of what he was about to say……..

I don’t mean to be flippant, but we have to accept some of the consequences of getting older.

Score: 2 to him and 1 to me, I think.

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4 Responses to Success

  1. John Shedden says:

    Hi Freda – please see my reply in ‘Tangled Oak’. Oh. 2/1’s OK!

  2. Freda says:

    Come to think of it I was very pleased with a 2:1 in my degree!

  3. Donald says:

    Hi Freda,
    You don’t look a day older than the day I first met you!!!!!!!!
    Glad to hear that things are going a bit more your way.
    Hope to see you soon,

  4. Freda says:

    I may not look older, but there is far too much of me, Donald….however, I am working on getting fitter. Many thanks

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