The Act of Union 1707 deserves a mention for its three hundred years….. There have been a lot of words penned already, not least by the political parties in Scotland. So what can I say? It has to be personal. I was born in Scotland, of a Scottish mother and English Father; was brought up in England, came back up north at age 18 and married a Scot. I guess I think of myself more as Scottish than English, and funnily enough, that applied even when I lived south of the border. Can I even conceive of a truly independent Scotland? No to be honest. I worry about whether we have the skills, but then I think of all the ex-pat Scots who are running the country. (UK I mean.)

Sorry…… there are no answers here, merely an acknowledgment of a shared past and present.

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  1. Graham says:

    We have family in England,USA,Australia and Canada,I’m sure there’s cousins also in S Africa so where you are born can be important but usually it’s where you live and make a contribution to society that counts.
    It’s the condecending attitude from MP’S and so called TV pundits who wag their fingers and tut tut that some Scottish people dare to say that maybe we can do it better on our own two feet that annoys me.
    If the Union breaks up the people will decide when and if it will happen but we’re all Jock Tamson’s bairns anyway so I’m sure we’ll manage, everyone is welcome.

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