Creaking on

The year and I are creaking together
What do you expect with this kind of weather?
The days still too short
Thank goodness for port
The holidays don’t last forever…….

2006 creaks towards its ending. I suppose that means that I am creaking towards my own ending. Such maudlin thoughts often come around at this time of year, especially as I think of all those who have passed on. We need the happy thoughts of the renewal of the new year. Time to consider whether it is worth thinking of new year resolutions. As a teenager I always tried to start writing a diary every day; it usually pegged out around the end of January. When I switched to writing a journal as and whenever I felt like it, I ended up with entries most days. The trouble is that they are not of literary worth, being more of a series of moans and groans and comments upon how I was dealing with life. There are bright spots of course, but it is true that one often writes more when one is challenged by daily living.

Blogging is not quite the same. Inevitably, we write for a wider audience, though it is easy to delude oneself. I am often surprised when somebody says they have read my blog. Even more unsettling is when one of the family says they read the blog to know what I am up to!

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