Training weekend

It has been a busy weekend and Misty has learnt two new commands, both in response to treats. The first was sheer fancy on my part: Paw…… but she gets a bit overenthusiastic and tries to give two paws at times. The second was Hush……this a necessity because of two evenings of fireworks in our near locality. It took half a packet of puppy mini-bones to learn the latter and she will no doubt have forgotten it before next year. Mind you, it could be a useful command at other times too. The only trouble is that she is so intelligent that she will work out that barking is a cue for the Hush Command and the subsequent treat.

Ah well, she has already sussed that with the C’mon, c’mon, c’mon……..

PS The C’mon commands have to be given in a high-pitched soprano, so Him Behind the Wheel nearly does himself a mischief trying to copy.

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  1. Ellie says:

    Freda thought you might be amused by one of Connies phrases, now 14 months. When she wants you to lift her out of the pram, playpen or if she just wants to sit on you knee for a gab she puts her hands up and says c’mon, c’mon, until you lift her. Our fault, everytime we have lifted her since birth we have used this phrase. See, dogs and kids, no diffrence, except Connie didnt need valium for the firworks,just the radio on all night, however Declan did.

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