To rant or not to rant

Now should I rant on about the broadband connection problems I have been experiencing today? This ultimately included speaking to Veechee and Halidah……both of whom sounded as if they were speaking through a glass tank and neither of whom I could understand properly. To be fair, they did each slow down and repeat things when asked. But neither was able to grasp that a system which had previously been working was not likely to suddenly have developed its own in-hardware fault. In the event, one of them diagnosed a line test as being “inconclusive” and agreed to report the matter to the line fault dept. One hour later I have a connection.

Now the point is, do I change to a supplier with a British based call centre (if I can find one)? Or do I be grateful that the elusive fault was fixed so promptly? It doesn’t help that this is the third time this has happened this year. I suppose at least I can now research online for other options for broadband suppliers. Life used to be so simple.

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2 Responses to To rant or not to rant

  1. Graham says:

    Broadband faults happen all the time my broadband is supplied by a cable company but faults still happen.Is yours through a telephone line if it is it could be the exchange thats the problem,changing companies might not get you a better service also if you have a wireless router that can also bring its own problems.the best advise if you can’t log on is to turn every thing off, leave a few minutes and put everything back on one by one.boot up computer.turn on modem then router if you have one and everthing should re-boot.Aint new technology wonderful :¬)

  2. Freda says:

    Thanks Graham, I tried all the turning off, checking connections and wires etc and rebooting. But I take your point about faults at the exchange. As I live a bit in the wilds you are most likely right about it being a fault at the exchange.

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