A couple of weeks ago I stood at a busy crossing in Glasgow, waiting for the lights to change. Beside me stood a person in full Islamic veil. I had no way of knowing whether the person was male, female, young, old, pleasant, hostile or detached. Yes, I felt uncomfortable. And this was before Jack Straw’s comments about the veil. Leaving aside my own unease at the implications of the place of women in Islam, I have to agree with Jack Straw. He is someone who has plainly invested much time and energy in the area of race relations and I respect his views.

Perhaps I should add that I also feel uncomfortable being served in a restaurant by a young woman with a bare belly. And that is hardly hygienic either.

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2 Responses to Discomfort

  1. Graham says:

    Be careful now the Politicly Correct Thought Police will be monitering your blog but joking aside it seems that the world’s gone mad when to ask a question stirs up so much fuss.

  2. Freda says:

    Yes Graham, but is it the media or the world going mad I wonder?

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