What kind of day?

At 11-00am one of the workmen said, This started off as a bad day and it’s gone away to ****  Sort of sums up the day quite well. By late morning, the digger had decimated both the mains water pipe and the electric cable. No water, no electricity and a jumpy dog. Misty had her operation yesterday and has been a bit of a baby. (Just like me.) We have rested together…….it was the only way to cope with the day and with her stitches. Things are improving now though. The Hydro-Board mended the power cable, the Water Board mended the water. The garden may look like something from the 1st World War with umpteen trenches and piles of mud, but dinner is on the way and the pooch is obviously starting to get better. Her technique is to try to run away from the pain, and of course this only makes it worse.

Roll on the next few days……will life ever get back to normal?

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