Haircut and highlights today. That is when one sits in the hairdressers being wrapped in foil like a turkey for the oven. Well…..not really, it is little bits of foil which help to “cook” the colour. The trouble is, I cannot decide if it is a big drag or will give me a lift. Some people say that a trip to the hairdresser is like a tonic. I am not so sure. One of the best bits from a hair stylist in London, was when he asked me how I wanted my hair done and I responded (without thinking) – Not like yours…..

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  1. Rhea says:

    I get my hair colored, too, but I don’t do the foil type. I have black hair, so I have the hairdresser ‘paint on’ the color so that some gray still shows through. Otherwise, I’d be running to get it colored every couple of weeks when the gray roots pop out!

  2. Freda says:

    That is the same principle I use when getting two colours of highlights; and I am pleased to say I end up with similar brindling to my dog!

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