Is it or isn’t it a wood wasp?

All I remember is a terrifying insect perched in front of me at eye level. It thoroughly enjoyed the ride and the snack of squashed bugs. Can anyone out there help in identification. The picture doesn’t actually show the yellow and black stripes. It was taken by Him Behind the Wheel just as we were being waved through a roadworks stop. (See his post of 15 July)

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2 Responses to Is it or isn’t it a wood wasp?

  1. Graham says:

    Jings that’s a monster,kinda like the spider than ran through my kitchen last night the racket it made running over the wooden floor you would have thought it was wearing boots..Made me jump..

  2. Freda says:

    I wonder where the spider is now? Latest word on our hitch-hiker is that it was most likely a large horse-fly. As they can give a nasty bite, I am glad I did not try to dislodge it!

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