How is this for a tower?

Web Stoneartone_edited-1.jpg




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4 Responses to Stones

  1. Loving that Freda – would love to use it sometime myself for an all-age talk if that’s OK?

  2. Freda says:

    You are very welcome – I am only guessing, but presume it will be along the lines of Jesus as the rock on which we all depend, and all of us (whatever age/size) depending on one another?  Mind you, it will mean a very heavy carrying of rocks into the church.

  3. Maggie says:

    I love these photos, Freda.

    Am a bit fascinated by these stacked stones. Do they develop slowly over time with passers-by adding on or does a group go out and all at once put them together?

    Maggie Rose

  4. Freda says:

    Hi Maggie, I don’t actually know who, how or why the stacked stones came about. I have to confess to adding to one of them (a repair only) – but they are in quite an out of the way spot up Glenorchy, Near Dalmally.

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