Seeing the dark side of life

I love the Always look on the bright side idea – sorry if The Life of Brian is not your type of humour. I enclose links to the film here and here, to give two views, one being from a Christian site, the other a DIY encyclopaedia.

 The trouble is that although I always used to think I was an optimist, things have changed as I have become older. On the bright days I cannot help but think of those who are facing death or bereavement. It probably goes with the vocation of a parish minister; where one is always faced with people at the high and low points of their lives. Perhaps it is good though, because it is about being aware of all the varied experiences of life. Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes it feels impossible. On a bright day like today it feels that all is right – at least here in Dalamory.

As Dave Allen used to say, May your God go with you…..

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