Being idle

How shall I spend this lovely sunny Monday? One thing is sure, there are different ways of being idle. Here I am out at Dalamory, while Him Behind the Wheel is having a coffee, at anchor, at Ardinamir, Isle of Luing. He is taking part in a few days of sail-training, helping out as crew on Weaver, operated by Westward Quest.

Anyway, it means I have power over the remote control, so the dog is going to be introduced to the delights of Wimbledon and tennis. My only memory of actually being there was in 1962 when I managed to faint on the Centre Court. Not whilst playing, I hasten to add. I was a spectator, but that was in the days of standing and being squashed. Not funny in a heatwave.

Drat – did someone say it was raining in the south? Son No 3 was being treated to my musings on playing tennis in my glory days. He asked if I was any good. I admitted to being reasonable and then couldn’t help a boast about having been school tennis captain.

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