Working Day

Woke up this morning full of aches and pains. The twenty degree drop in temperature from last week to this has fairly taken its toll. Hopefully, things will get better as the weather warms up again, but it is still only 13degrees C. The interesting thing from my point of view is that taking little dog and Him Behind the Wheel for a walk in the forest helped. (Little dog is still rather skittish, so Himself insisted she be kept on the lead.) But what has helped more, is that I have been doing some preparation for the next couple of services I am taking. Now pundits, will no doubt say that exercise is what has done the most good, but the truth is that exercising the mind is obviously good for the soul.

I have been reading The Fountain of Age Betty Friedan’s voluminous work on ageing psychology. Persistance has paid off, as I am starting to understand her thesis, which posits cerebral exercise as bulding the equivalent of cerebral muscle. I am only at chapter four though, so am interested in seeing where we get to in the ensuing chapters.

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