The animals

It is a while since the animals have featured in this blog. Just to remind you, Fox is a nine year old ginger tomcat and Misty is a five month old cairn terrier. Yesterday’s trip to the vet with them both was more than enough excitement for the rest of the year. First up, Misty piddles all over the examination table, then squeals and wriggles whilst the vet removes the tiniest of ticks with a special tick-hook. The elderpeople had been neither able to hold her still at home for the procedure, nor see the tick properly. Fox took things much more calmly: he was there for a routine vaccination and to have his yearly check up. It was as if he decided to show the little’un how to behave. The only problem was that he was purring so loudly that the vet couldn’t listen to his lungs properly. The injection over, we pointed out what we thought was a sore bit from an earlier tick, only to be told that it too was a small tick. Its removal served as a demonstration on how to use the handy little implement – much better than the wire hook we were struggling with before.

Duly provisioned with tick hooks, Frontal anti-flea/tick liquid, worming doses etc we made our way home. Everyone behaved wonderfully! East, west, hame’s best after all.


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  1. Ellie says:

    the only way to deal with ticks is a pad of cotton wool soaked in alchohol, any type will do. get the little blighters brams and list and then turn anti clockwise. then again, must be spring

  2. Freda says:

    Thanks Ellie, from now on I am on tick watch!

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