Living in the moment

Much in my mind right now is the whole principle of living in the moment. It is something we can learn from children, the elderly and puppies. So much of life is about rushing to achieve things – goals, power, money, friends, love. Simple love is being there for people and making the most of every day. My granny used to be very much a person for living one day at a time, and her humour survived until very late in life. She could make Scotch Broth like no other, her scones were the lightest of light, she lived in a tenement flat with a shared toilet (no bathroom) and I often feel that she watches me struggle with taking the time to do nothing. At the end of her life she had to endure the nothingness of a mind eaten away by dementia, and those of us who loved her could only marvel at her ability to smile.

Last night I watched a film on FilmFour – I am SamYes it was about a man with the intellectual ability of a 7yr old; yes, it was a bit schmultzy; yes, it could be uncomfortable to watch; but more than anything it was about the gift of enjoying the moment, and recognising the gifts that are patience and love. It was Henri Nouwen who first taught me how much we had to learn from disabled people……. they teach us far more than we can ever “give” them. In Adam – God’s Beloved he tells of how he learned more of God’s love through a man who could not speak, and could not move without assistance.

So my thought for today is enjoy the spaces and look for the silence. Then it will surprise you what you find.

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2 Responses to Living in the moment

  1. Ray says:

    Good advice…….pity we’re not all more like our grannies, though I suppose we do LOOK more like them each and every day!!

  2. Freda says:

    I certainly do look like my granny, but as she was such a star that is OK.

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