photo of frozen riverYesterday was a beautiful Christmas Day in all sorts of ways. It was very moving to lead worship in two of the little churches near here. Numbers were swollen by holiday visitors and in o­ne church it was standing room o­nly. Just as well they stopped arriving at that point. The singing was terrific and we all felt part of something very special. I don't think I pointed my finger at all during the sermon – unlike my good friend the Moderator, David Lacy – most unfortunate picture that – particularly with the way the headlines distort the content of his sermon.

After church and whilst Him Behind the Wheel was putting the finishing touches to the Christmas meal, Dana-dog and I went for a walk by the river. Now as you can see there was a good deal of ice in the parts that were not flowing swiftly. Did that stop herself from having a dip. Of course not! Oh to have the constitution of a dog.

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