I came across a little book I had forgotten about o­n my bookshelf. It is called Stations – places for pilgrims to pray, by Simon Bailey, an Anglican Priest. It shows how to bring prayer into the everyday places that we inhabit. For today, because I have been inhabiting the local health centre a bit this week, this o­ne struck me as very pertinent.

at the local place for health services

the people -carers and cared for,the variety of ailments,the mothers, the dependents, the old….

of all the physically and ill peoplein your community;those frightened of the health system -the waiting, the drugs, the pain.

Where are your own wounds?

Living God,living and strong,loving and gentle,pour mercy upon us.

Think about these words:
“But to our wounds God's wounds alone can speak,And not a God has wounds, but Thou alone.”  (Edward Shillito)Give thanksfor the measure of health you have.

for the sick and the dying.

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