Yesterday Him Behind the Wheel, his sister, myself and two dogs went for a Pensioner's Outing in the Campervan. This entailed driving across to Inveraray, parking almost o­n the beach, having a walk in the castle grounds, going out for lunch and enjoying the few shops in the rain. We did wonder at the size of the waves in Loch Fyne, and right enough it was rather blustery. It was o­nly when we got home that we discovered there was a bad storm warning and the recommendation to stay at home unless really necessary.

Oops!  Then this morning we discovered the garden bench had been upended, however, there was no other damage so we have been lucky. All is calm now, but I did notice there is snow o­n a couple of the nearby peaks.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So, who was outed?

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