What a Show

Dalmally Show must rate as o­ne of the best of the local agricultural shows around. Highlights included the childrens' section in the dog show (especially when Poppy of many breeds and rather large and shaggy, slipped her collar and out of the ring altogether); Highland cattle determined to go their own way; non-stop shinty; Argyll Animal Aid refreshment tent; meeting up with someone I hadn't seen in over twenty years…….

But the prize in my day goes to the falconry display: flying o­n the wing and to the lure, and the peregrine being dive-bombed by local sparrows. It has encouraged me to revive my list of Sixty Things to do in my Sixtieth Year…… most of them did not get done because of ill health. I am obviously feeling better now, because No 1 at the top of the list is going to be to treat myself to a half-day at the local falconry school.

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