A basketball net is sufficiently like a netball goal for the sons to be impressed at the mother's prowess. Yes – I was fit enough to indulge in a bit of net practice over the weekend. (Perhaps I should mention I was in the First Netball Team at school.) The photoshoot was o­ne of the highlights of the gathering…… just like the bit at the end of Four Weddings and a Funeral….. The older generation were convinced that o­ne of the patriarch ancestors had come back to life! In other words, Son No 1 was diving about all over the place, having kept everyone o­n tenderhooks whilst he worked out the menu for delayed exposure o­n his digital camera. Other special memories include 15 round a double table for celebration meal, cousins meeting up and getting o­n famously and the sheer joy of seeing everyone together after such a long time. It takes a special effort in travel time for the visitors and a superhuman effort by the host family to cope with us all.

This is an unashamed thank you to them all. And of course I am proud of them all – they're great.

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