Can I have a rant about banks and other large corporate institutions? (Well what use is a blog if o­ne cannot sound off every now and then?)  I don't want to go into details – some of them make pretty boring reading anyway – but o­ne thing guaranteed to raise my blood pressure is corporate clout and the way they think they can do whatever they like. Customer service seems to have disappeared totally. Or perhaps it is exponentially with there being less work for real people to do and more fees to pay out for expensive computer systems.

Just as well I have my flowers to look at.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Banks ! you said it . They are todays highwaymen. Only out for themselves ,with a terrible atitude of ,what can I get out of using your money, not how can we put your money to better use for you.
    To the banks we are no longer customers , we are a targeted resourse for their profits.

    PS Notice Freda, profits not Prophets.

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