Fairy story

I was greatly amused to read the following in the Argyll Diocese magazine of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

A little girl asked her father, “Daddy? Do all fairy tales begin with – o­nce Upon A Time-?
He thought for a few moments, and then replied. “No, there is a whole series of fairy tales that begin with – If elected, I promise…..  –

A friend of ours is an Episcopal Priest and he is standing as a Scottish Liberal Democrat in the forthcoming General Election. I doubt he would ever fall for such a political trap. Justice, human rights, acceptance and tolerance seem to be the buzz words – along with an acknowledgement that party aims and ideologies are just that. People of good faith do their best to bring about change and equality……no-one can guarantee it completely. If you are interested in a clergy-political view check out www.kelvin-holdsworth.co.uk/

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