Doggy News

More news has come through of the dog – proving that she is not just a dumb blonde.

By the end of her second day as an evacuee she had learnt several things:
1) Her canine hostess is now a little old lady. (This is the 15yr old springer spaniel.)
2) She can therefore comandeer the best places in the house to lie down. (Basically where there are rugs o­n the polished floor.)
3) She can take control of any toys.
4) The most interesting activities in the house take place around the front door and the Dogs' Room.
5) She does not get treats for being a good dog.
6) The stepmaster can – and does – give her rows.
7) An empty glove used as a tool for chastisement is effective.
8) There is no longer any pleasure in chasing the poultry – they don't run away from her now.

She seems to be having a good time!

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