Admiration for tenacity in the face of adversity

Tenacity and courage have to be admired; both were displayed today in the person of a truck driver from our local quarry. He had set out to deliver a large load of gravel to o­ne of our neighbours. Not all that difficult you may think, and certainly not worthy of comment. Not so! The road is single track and the dustbin lorry has to straddle the road very carefully to get along it each week. The gravel lorry must have taken the corner ever so slightly squint…..and by the time I noticed, the driver was alternately scratching his head, pulling at the side of the vehicle as if he could right an ever increasing list to port, and eventually almost stamping in an apoplexy of rage and frustration as the full nature of his predicament became clear.

In the end, he spent the rest of the day (some five or six hours) shovelling out the load. Then a digger from the quarry arrived and managed to pull the truck out. It took a further forty minutes or so to get rid of the mud from the sump and wheels, but at last the engine roared into life.

I hope the driver doesn't get into trouble, he deserves an accolade for saving the day.

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