Animal suspicions

The animals are getting suspicious. They do not like all the clearing out of files and folders. In fact, they keep suspiciously looking at the bags to go to the rubbish as if there is something afoot. Of course they are right –  the removal day cannot yet be fixed, but it is likely to be in early April, so there is a lot to do. Several things are taxing my brain at the moment: firstly, how to slim down the library; secondly, how to get rid of unwanted furniture; and thirdly, how to do all of this with a dog and a cat o­n my knee or tripping me up wherever I go.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    From recent past experience…..

    The books that need to be with you are the o­nes that can fill the space that is available to you…….many need to be discarded, passed o­n to new welcoming homes or given to charity…….they can always be bought again, which will mean frequent visits to bookshops and the pleasure derived from that.

    The furniture can be re-homed easily enough….a note in the shop, a word in an ear, and it'll all disappear. Believe me it DOES!!

    The dog and cat will still seek to be lap-animals, even after you make the move. We found that putting an empty box down somewhere gave them a place to watch proceedings. If they thought they were packed, then they knew they were going with you!

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