Working and surfing

More people are surfing the web at the moment; I know that from the numbers visiting this weblog. Presumably it is because people are off work; large sections of industry and commerce tend to shut down for a couple of weeks over the Christmas holidays.

It feels very odd not to be working. Usually there is the rush of preparation, visits to oldies, special cards to deliver, school services…..and all amongst the paraphernalia of personal getting ready….. baking mince pies (all right, that is a lie, I haven't done that for years)…..  decorating the tree and so forth. I love this time of year, even though it is the anniversary of a devastating family road accident ( nine years ago now.)

Yesterday I managed to drive into Oban and do some shopping, all the while congratulating myself o­n how I was coping. (Frequent cups of tea helped.)  My self-satisfaction shows I am not up to the usual hurly burly. So the secret is to relax and enjoy the ministrations of others.

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