Midgie Dash

Extract from boat log: Friday 30 June 1995

The Captain gave us a spot of mild hilarity a short while ago – by shooting past the boat o­n his return from doggie-dump patrol, brushing madly at midgies…. He was wild-eyed and frantic. The Ship's Dog was most confused at going the wrong way so fast. She has continued to improve at being in the dinghy and o­n the boat, and sports her crewsaver (life-jacket) with style.

Midgies are always a problem in this part of the world. When I was a young Mum o­ne of my sons asked his Sunday School teacher why God made midgies….she was a bit of a fierce lady and said in a very menacing tone…..”Because we're all sinners….”   Note: that is not my view, though the o­nly good thing I can think of about midgies is that they are high protein food for swallows, swifts and the like.

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