Happy Sailing

Thinking about the possible demise of Halcyon of Seil has made me delve back into the boating journals of yesteryear. The first ever entry (when the boat was called Halcyon II – don't anyone mention what happens to boats who have a change of name!)…..

5 May 1995
Robin taking delivery of Halcyon II from Ian xxxx The start of owning a yacht. Arrived Maryport Marina at 16-15hrs. G and F arrived at 17-50hrs with cold repast and bottle of Bollinger's. Meal, o­ne glass of wine and the remaining half bottle poured over the bow. Weather glorious. This is the life, sorry to go home.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Please tell me where you got the name HALCYON I used to know a puffer of the same name and I am wondering If there is any connection,
    Island Wanderer(Tiree)

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