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It is wonderful the way that an o­nline journal becomes a point of contact and community. This Blog is now read by people in the States, Canada, Australia and the UK. Some are friends and family, (including cousins from Canada) and some are becoming known through the net. Similarly it is fun to log o­n and read the blogs of others who are becoming familiar characters o­nline. I don't have the skills to go live-interactive as such, but am enjoying the comments left by people. It is all an extension of journalling or diarying books. I find it particularly fascinating to read about ordinary people as well as my favourite personalities.

Who knows – o­ne day, maybe my descendants will publish extracts.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Freda:  We are in the beginning throes of planning our second honeymoon to Scotland for the summer of 2005; that is why I found your Blog page in the first place, doing a bit of research.  I'd love to pick your brain o­n your part of Scotland and hear your recommendations o­n what to see and do, both pro and con. If you might have the time could you write to us at so I can tell you where we plan o­n staying, etc?  Ian & Starr Black, Winnipeg

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