Health Report

I hesitate to put Health Bulletins o­n this page. It all feels a bit too personal and o­ne never exactly knows who the readership is. Sufficient to say that I have felt better. But it brings to mind the comment often made to me by people who are very sick. Invariably, someone will say, There are lots of people far worse off than me. The person I am visiting may have a particularly nasty infection, or even a chronic o­ngoing disease, but human nature seems to rise above the present day and thinks of the bigger picture. It is hard to know what to say in the face of such philosophising o­n the part of those who are suffering, but I do know that sometimes people need permission to accept they are having a bad time. Scott Peck, in the first of his successful pop-psychology books, The Road Less Travelled, starts off by maintaining that life is hard.

Freda the blogger would like to finish today by saying we can make life easier for o­ne another.

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