Pills and Potions

I have been pondering the whole question of retail choice. We are faced every day with a bewildering array of ordinary decisions to be made. As if it is not bad enough having forty-five cheeses o­n display at the local supermarket, people have to face choices about pills and potions. Take Optrex, for instance; in my memory o­ne went into the chemist and asked for Optrex to soothe sore eyes. Nowadays it seems there are at least three different kinds. Optrex for everyday, Optrex for giving bright eyes, and Optrex for sore eyes. What if you want to use it everyday and have bright, soothed eyes that are not sore? Where will it lead next I wonder? Optrex for dogs and cats (probably already exists), or how about Optrex-at-sea or Optrex-for-the-over-fifties?

Sounds more like bright marketing than bright eyes.

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