On the front cover

The Editor of the Church of Scotland's magazine Life and Work claims that the publication has been given (yet another) new look. She refers to the “eyecatching new look….on the front cover…”  The Moderator-Designate, Dr Alison Elliot is actually o­n the cover. Yes – she looks very smart, but I wonder how she feels at being designated A New Look.

The General Assembly of the CofS starts o­n 15th May, and the so-called Blue Book, full of Board reports, has now arrived. Guaranteed to ensure a good night's sleep if used as bed-time reading. I am sorry it is not my turn to attend this year, as it would be good fun to watch all the reactions to the first female Moderator. Even I am intrigued at the description of her gown, (soft grey with yellow highlights in the pleats.) More serious is the fact that the church is still struggling to remake itself. The trouble is, that no matter how much we claim to want to be an affirming, open church that is faithful to the relevance of the gospel now, we end up suffocating under reorganisation after reorganisation.

It is as well that God is patient.

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