This Manse here o­n Colonsay is used throughout much of the year by visiting clergy and their families. The house is let out o­n the understanding that the visitors take the Sunday service. This has the advantage of providing pastoral cover, variety in preaching styles and a continuity of ministry o­n the island.  I visit four times a year, as does our Lay Reader, so we get to “check up” o­n everybody. During the summer months the island population triples, so congregations swell accordingly, and throughout the year services are shared with the Baptist Church, each church being used in turn (Church of Scotland o­ne week, Baptist the next). It is ecumenism the way it should be – people getting together to worship God, no matter what denomination they are.  The holiday log in the Manse gives a flavour of the time spent here by the various ministers; overwhelmingly they speak of peace, tranquility, beauty and friendship. Seems to me that we miss out o­n many of these things with the pace of modern life. There needs to be time to think and to appreciate the beauty of creation. I am going to visiting the school later today and will be exploring this theme with them; they are learning about different theories of creation. My topic is going to be along the lines of joining in and experiencing the beauty of God through the beauty and mystery of the world around us. An easy thing to think about here.

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