Garden Makeover

The day dawned bright and sunny – ideal for the garden makeover. Five men, o­ne woman (in charge) turned up, along with two dogs. Equipment consisted of spades, a pick and a landrover complete with winch. The new plan has been designed by an expert, with the intention of creating a low-maintenance garden. This is to be achieved by enlarging the car-parking area, enlarging the seating area, reducing the amount of grass and removing extraneous flower-beds and other obstacles. A great deal of progress was made: the two dogs being particularly helpful at moving mud. I was unable to do more than put a nose outside and offer encouraging noises. Perhaps I shall be more use when the work-party next convenes in a fortnight.

In case you are interested, the winch was to help remove large bushes and stubborn roots. There must be a sermon in all of this somewhere.

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