Getting ahead

This week I am trying to get ahead of myself. Saturday is to be a very busy day because it involves travelling to Bunessan o­n Mull for the Induction of a new minister. (He will be working o­n Iona and the south of Mull.) Travel in this part of the world is varied and sometimes unpredictable. o­n o­ne occasion, whilst driving through torrential rain to catch the Cuan ferry o­n a Sunday – open boat, no shelter – my Session Clerk said, “Well, the o­nly consolation I have is that you really wanted to come and work here.” He obviously felt sorry for me having to brave the currents and torrents of the Cuan Sound.

Many a day I remind myself of that. Usually it is in the winter, though it can be pretty vile in the summer too if a gale comes along. But I would rather all of that than be stuck in a tailback o­n a motorway, or nose to tail crawling through a city rush-hour. I must like the country, island life after all.

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