Pet Launderettes

Apparently, pet launderettes are the latest craze in America. Not – as might be thought from the name – somewhere that pets take their washing; but rather a cross between a carwash and a washing machine. The pet is placed inside and subjected to a four-minute cycle of water, shampoo and rinsing, followed by a hot-air dryer. According to the reviewer, (in a magazine which shall be nameless because it is associated with people of a certain age), dogs quite like it after the initial shock. Cats are not so fussy, but tend to adopt a defensive lying down position – and anyway, the inventor claims, it is better than having a cat wrap itself round your face when you are trying to wash it.

I do not think I will be trying it o­n my dog. Come to think of it, I suspect it might be outlawed here anyway. Imagine if something went wrong with the electrics or the water temperature. Doesn't bear thinking about. 

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