Being read

It was interesting to discover comments o­n my BBC islandblog page. (hopefully). However, I was a bit thrown when walking into church yesterday to have a comment made about the comment – which at that time I had not read. The main problem with the BBC project is that all entries have to be “moderated” or checked, prior to posting. Fair enough when there are young people involved, but it does make it difficult to remember what o­ne has written. Thus I have now devised a scheme whereby I keep a copy o­n file. I now have two entries awaiting publication, o­ne dated Sunday 21st Dec and the other Mon 29th Dec. It is therefore clear that it is hardly possible to be topical and up to date.

Mind you, what does that mean in a world where I am blurbling o­n about blogs, whilst 25,000 people have been killed at Bam in Iran? I was thinking that the Wise Men could actually have travelled from there to Bethlehem to find the Christ child.

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