First things first

Old Geezer poses the question about what would make someone be tempted to go back into the house for, if the house was burning down. I’m not sure that I would be brave enough (stupid enough?) to go back into a burning building, unless it was to save a person or the dog. However, I can think of things that would be useful: mobile phone, (it includes contacts lists,) keys to campervan (would give temporary shelter) ……. as for photos and personal items, there are too many to choose amongst.

I once visited someone in a house which had been rebuilt following a catastrophic fire. All that had been left was a lump of molten silver – a tea service originally. The person lamented the loss of photos of previous generations more than anything else, and I guess that would be similar for most people.

For now, I’ll just check the smoke alarm battery.
Have you anything special that would tempt you to such folly?

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