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Search engines have always tended to confuse me. But over the years I have got better at typing in keywords and even phrases or questions, to help me get to the places that will have the information I need. It’s amazing what you can find this way. Of course you’ve got to be careful what you type in. I won’t illuminate, but use your imagination and you will soon realise that the internet can be a scary place.

All that said, the following are included in yesterday’s search strings for this blog. (And, No, I don’t always get it either!)

  • freda blog
  • campervan tales
  • set waymarks for doubtful feet
  • story dalamory
  • as the deer pants for the water
  • god is not foreign to my freedom

And yet, if you look at the cloud-words graphic on the sidebar, you won’t see much that coincides with this little list. Indeed I seem to be rather keen on blogging about Misty, (so no surprises there) as well as dogs and cairn terriers. Oh dear! Death is bigger than church, spirituality is in very small print and God doesn’t even get a particle in the cloud. Hmmm, I wonder if I am getting lazy in my retirement? I shall have to pull my socks up.

How do other bloggers choose their topics?
And by the way, Happy July.

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9 Responses to Search engines

  1. JohnO says:

    Categories and tags are really only useful to those who are already on your site to help them find related articles. Search engines don’t really make use of them and tend to ‘read’ the entire page. It’s difficult to know exactly how search engines index the data as that’s very much their protected intellectual property. And there are as many different indexing algorithms as there are search engines. If you’ve not done it already, consider adding one of the SEO (search engine optimisation) plugins for WordPress. They tend to cover all the bases for the main search engines.

  2. Marcia Mayo says:

    I’m pretty much clueless as to how I do anything, including my blog.

  3. Freda says:

    Thanks very much for the comment, John, and the tip. I shall go a-hunting.

  4. cloudia says:

    Purely in a reverie!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  5. Suem says:

    I once did a post called “women and bondage” , it was about the injunctions that a woman must submit to her husband and be silent in church. For several weeks after I got some very strange searches which brought people to my blog! I think they might have been a bit disappointed when they got there!

  6. Tabor says:

    JohnO has the search process correctly. It is a math formula and therefore not always logical like we think! I wonder if I can tell how people get to my blog?

  7. freda says:

    Oops, Suem, I trust no harm was done.
    Tabor, if it is a maths formula I am lost before I start!

  8. lc says:

    I really don’t set out to choose topics. I post about whatever bubbles up. My basic purpose is to record those moments big and small that are meaningful to me but I would probably not remember about my retirement had I not recorded them. I rarely post about the momentous news of the day. Others handle that.

  9. freda says:

    lc, you’re right to blog whatever bubbles up. Sometimes I get so incensed about something currently in the news that I have a go, but not all that often. I wonder if all the blogs will be available for future genealogists? Quite a thought!

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