Banking mayhem

Actually, this is really about cash machines and how things can go wrong. In a Co-op store I needed to draw out some cash and decided to use their decidely clunky-looking ATM. It timed out, refused to give me any money, told me to contact my bank and spat my card back out! On enquiring with the store manager and the staff in a nearby bank, it transpired that this particular machine was often giving people trouble.

Thus I was involved in long phone calls with my bank and they confirm that the money had been debited from my account. Apparently they have to make a claim for the money to the Co-op bank on my behalf. Always presuming that all the other transactions that day were in order, they should be able to see that the machine balance is over on the day in question. Then all being well I will get the money recredited to my account in a couple of weeks.

What a palaver. And all of a sudden I am wary about cash machines.

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2 Responses to Banking mayhem

  1. Mina says:

    Oh boy! Hope it was not a large sum.

  2. freda says:

    I don’t like the thought of losing out on any money because of a clunky machine. The worst of it was that I stood there and just looked at the ATM feeling stupid!

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