The outside thermometer tells me that the temperature is slightly above 10 degrees.

Come on grass – grow!
Come on blossom – blossom!
Come on trees – tree!
Come on you lazy soul – unlazy!

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3 Responses to Temperature

  1. The Sage says:

    We can grow strawberries in May. But they taste nicer in June.

    Everything comes to (s)he who waits.

    Patience is a virtue…


  2. Freda says:

    You are getting too wise for your own good.

  3. The Sage says:

    I noticed today that the flowering cherry trees are doing just that… flowering.

    Not only that but I didn’t need to put the heater on in the bathroom this morning. So it must be getting warmer.

    Spring is on its way.

    As for getting too wise for my own good…

    Smart, maybe. Wise, not so sure.

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