Trauma trauma

Walking by the sea in Oban today, we had an adventure. The good news is that the border collie and king charles spaniel did not set about Misty. Herself was squealing so loudly that the only thing to do was to pick her up. The other two dogs, who had come to play, (I trust) – could only look on in bemused fashion as the pup was cradled safely in my arms. the owners of the dogs were suitably contrite, after all control is not about madly shouting at dogs who refuse to listen. Mind you, I know only too well what that feels like after all my years of dog ownership. It is to Misty’s credit that she is already relatively obedient. It is all down to bribery with food though.

When Misty is boxing with the cat, she looks all butch whilst he merely looks annoyed; when around other bigger dogs, she still looks all tiny and wimpish. There has got to be a moral in there somewhere.

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2 Responses to Trauma trauma

  1. Graham says:

    It’s really funny when they are young and full of bluster one minute,cock o’ the walk and next thing yelping for mum and dad..My border Archie use to let us down big style by weeing himself when other dogs used to sniff around him when he was a new puppy.
    Not so wee now, he saw off a Japanese Akita the other day..good thing he was on the lead..

  2. Mina says:

    Definitely the substance for a Dog Blog!

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